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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Kaun Banega Crorepati:Amitabh bachan latest 2013 september words.

 Many people think they are acting the way they feel when they tell someone off. Some one is critical of me and I answer by calling him names. My feeling is not that I have called him a name ; my feeling is that he has hurt me : " You have hurt my feelings, now I want to hurt yours". launching a verbal attack covers my feeling of being hurt with an appearance of strength. I get angry when I think someone has changed me in a way that I am helpless to do anything about.
I smile at life .. I smile at circumstances .. I smile at myself … I smile for the others that become me … I smile for those that have no smiles in their lives .. I smile for those that smile with me …
Life is a collage of the white and the coloured ..
Dishonesty with the profession is an unforgivable crime.. If I say I am dishonest with my acting I shall never be able to hide it form the camera ... it shall come to know .
It is important to be honest with your work. The sincerity must show else we are not worthy of working .. If I say I am dishonest with my acting I shall never be able to hide it f

M J Akbar a writer, editor, journalist, tv host and an enlightened mind has written a piece on the film 'Bhaag Milkha Bhaag' .. I reproduce it here .. its brilliant !!

A movie of the millennium. 
Must see.

Our History 

By M.J. Akbar

Life’s most traumatic cemetery is surely the memory of pain, for it is buried but not dead. Neither amnesia nor vengeance is a solution, although the timid find solace in the first and the violent seek options in the second. Individuals, communities, nations have to find the spirit that can liberate them from the bonds of past anguish, to discover a future in a new perspective that is something far more than a distorted reflection of fear.

It is not often that a Bollywood film can lay claim to that cleansing experience called catharsis, but Bhaag Milkha Bhaag is a film made by Indians inspired by a vision of the future from the countless narratives of that terrible past called partition. They recognise the great dangers in single-tunnel truth, for it can so easily turn a script into a game of vindictive flames. But Milkha is not just another Friday release; its bleak landscape blossoms with many shades of subtlety woven into events and characterisation.

The box office is always tempted by simplicity. Good and evil must be caricatures. The formula is uncomplicated. Laugh in the beginning, cry in the middle, find relief at the end, go home happy. But this is a film about reality, not exaggerations. Nothing is overdrawn, nothing is underwritten.

Milkha’s childhood is destroyed by the slaughter of most of his family in the Punjab that went to Pakistan. Out of this holocaust emerge real people, not saints and sinners. Milkha runs, reaches a refugee camp in Delhi and finds his way through loneliness, despair and a lost first love, before discovering that unfathomable elixir of indomitable spirit that turns a child who might have become hardened criminal into an international athletic superstar. His best childhood friend, a Hindu boy who trudged to a Maulvi’s school with him, finds survival through another process, and who can say that this was less agony? The Hindu lives through 1947 by converting. The point is made simply, without fuss, without accusation or praise, as a choice human beings make when torn between life and death. One of the great tragedies is that nearly seven decades later, the few Hindus left in Pakistan are still sometimes forced into such an awful debate with their conscience.

There is no difference between Indians and Pakistanis; we are the same people, with the same weaknesses and strengths. If the two partitioned neighbours have evolved differently, it is because they are influenced by their root ideology. The ideologues who inflict violence within Pakistan have not understood a very simple truth: if your mission is to search for someone to hate, you will continue to find them. Yesterday they were Sikhs and Hindus, today they might be Shias or Barelvis or whoever interferes with some fantasy of an artificial purity.

Film maker Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra’s sensitivity and genius is at its nuanced best when, almost surreptitiously, he depicts violence in all its myriad evil, including the many forms which we compartmentalize into “lesser” categories. The tight, ringing slap of a husband across the face of a wife who did not respond to a demand for instant sex in a refugee camp is also madness mixed with hatred. Milkha’s girlfriend is dragged, screaming, into an arranged marriage while he is away, trying to prove that he can succeed in something more than petty crime. When he discovers his loss, his old friend from the mohalla puts it plainly: you know how we Indians treat women. Sonam Kapur, in the role of girlfriend, appears briefly, perhaps spanning fifteen minutes of a film that exceeds 180. Any commercial movie which stars a missing heroine is blessed with calm self-assurance. I will not mention the denouement, except to indicate that it will surprise those who enter the theatre with pre-conceived notions.

Those who believe are all, in a sense, convicts of their conviction. The ideology of a humane spirit, soaring towards the unbelievable, is also infectious, and it lifts every aspect of this film. Farhan Akhtar has put in a performance that is beyond mere awards. The lyrics of Prasoon Joshi, the music of Ehsan-Loy are transformative. Both might work better in the film than outside, in cafes or radio, but that is an asset, not a liability.

Mahatma Gandhi is mentioned once, as a reason for a holiday. Perhaps this is deliberate, because Gandhi has now become synonymous with preachy, and no one has time for sermons. But Gandhi left us with a lesson that saved India in 1947 and the years beyond; and is now resonating through the world. Violence destroys both perpetrator and victim. Violence sucks compassion out of our heart, and turns it into a barren desert enveloped by the mirage of rage. Even violence in the cause of justice, which is necessary for order and civilization, can devastate beyond its purpose, as the final metaphor of Mahabharata tells us with unambiguous pain.
Gandhi wrote the history of the future, not a history of the past.orm the camera ... it shall come to know ..

Amitabh Bachan on the set of Kbc 7 season 7 with contestant.

40 years of ‘Abhimaan’ … that is like 40 years of our marriage ..the last shot of the film of Jaya and me coming out of the theatre after singing the climax song, and the crowds mobbing and applauding us, was done the day after we returned from our honeymoon in London … 

A film made almost as a compensation and a promise by Hrishi Da, Hrishikesh Mukherji, to Jaya and me, after having removed me from ‘Guddi’, one where having shot for about 10 days I was asked to leave the film and Samit Bhanja from Bengal Cinema was taken, because my other films had released by then and the novelty of having an unrecognised face opposite Jaya was defeated ..

Abhimaan was made as a production of ours - Jaya and mine - called AMIYA, a mix of both our names, the nitty gritties of production being given to our two respective secretaries, Susheela and Pawan Kumar then, and under their names, but has remained with them still to date .. both our secretaries no longer with us now as managers ..

The story and the music and the direction and the writing still most haunting to many viewers … the brilliance of legendary SD Burman , father of RD Burman, his music most special, the performances of all the characters, the writing contribution by the great Rajinder Singh Bedi, author and thinker … everything just fell into a beautiful space … the fear among us all of its success, coming as it did soon after the very popular ‘Zanjeer’ … and finally its lasting value with most viewers even today .. Hrishi Da always felt ‘Satyakaam’ was his best, we thought otherwise and felt Abhimaan was … and often we would have fun on this topic on set … the glorious Mohan Studio in Andheri, which played host to so many masters of cinema, including the great Bimal Roy … not to mention that most of Prakash Mehra’s films were shot there too - Muquaddar ka Sikandar, quite extensively … and the memories of it … the famous ‘kotha’ set, which just when the last shot was taken after a long and gruelling schedule, and we were all moving out to retire home .. collapsed and fell … destroyed almost by providence … no one was hurt ..

The fight sequence with Amjad Khan on the street which ended up inside one of the market stores on set … the crash against a glass almirah as he throws me a punch … and when the shot ended, one of the assistants noticing the ceiling of the shop set getting red in colour and wondering what it was .. realising to his horror and surprise that it was the blood shooting out from my leg, where a glass piece had gouged a vein on it .. rushing to the nearest clinic and getting it stitched up … battling the crowds that had gathered at the medical facility, so I could get attention to the wound as soon as possible !!

Monday, July 29, 2013

kbc7:Kaun Banega crorepati season 7 contestant question 1 2013.

Hey guys this is very interesting or good news that you are going to see kaun banega crorepati the most famous game show in this world on TV.The first episode of Kaun Banega Crorepati will telecast on television at 9th of September 2013.The name for registered peoples is shown and call is also made to that who are selected in Kaun Banega Crore pati.
Amitabh Bachan is also enjoying with the contestant because it is very difficult to talk to to many peolpes.The process of asking will go as same as the season 6.
In kbc5 the most magic thing was happened that Sushil kumar won 5,00,000 from kbc.He is becoming famous now a days.He was also offering for jhalak dhiklaja season 5.But he lost in dance competition.But he was danced well.His wife was also come to see his dance.
In kbc6 one more women won rs.5,00,000 now a days she is living her well mannered life .His husband is actor.They came kbc to achieve their dreams but they achieve their dream not only this they also get (UMMID SE DUGUNNA) excess from kbc.
Kaun Banega crorepati is making to many life's beautiful and they are now living in very well mannered.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Kaun Banega CrorePati:Kbc official website: Kbc 7 new slogan no learning no winning.

No learning no winning 'Seekhna Bandh toh jeetna bandh'
If you stop learning in life, you will stop tasting victory.Yes this is right because when you have no knowledge then how should you get victory and also you are not doing labor then how should you get victory.This says Amitabh Bachan ,in the first promotional trailer of the forthcoming season of popular game show 'Kaun Banega Crorepati'.

The communication campaign for the show's new edition is centred around the theme -'Sikhna Bandh toh jeetna bandh'.It will be beamed on the small screen on Tuesday at 8 p.m.

The promo showcase how a certain Mrs. Dhingra decides to turn into a wediing planned, and she sideline her "learning"by saying that what's the point of learning at her age.What follows is a series of misjudgements in her business,leading to losses.Then she rues:"Kaash kuchh seekh liya hota(wish i would've learnt something)."
That's when Amitabh Bachan ,the show's host walks into theframe, urging people to continue learning things in life.
The new season of 'Kaun Banega Crorepati', a widely popular show based on internationalshow' who wants to Millionaire', will go on air towards the end of August or early September.
The previous season of the show have focussed on different ideologies.In 2010, the show promoted"Koi Bhi Sawaal chota nahin hota"(no question is insignificant), while the 2011 edition focussed on how"koi bhi insaan chota nahi hota", which translated to how no person is smaller then another.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Kbc official websites:Sony Entertainment:All episodes of Kbc: Kaun Banega Crore Pati.

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