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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Registration closed for school champ season 7 kaun banega crorepati,Kbc 2013.

Students your time is up you arenot able to register from 20.06.2013,so registration line are closed,But its time to Know who is selected and who are not.If you are not selected please donot sad.You are able to participate next time if kbc8 will appear,then you have a chance to register your name once more time.

Kbc registration question will proceed at 8.30pm on 16th of june 2013.
Ques:How many times does the earth revolve around the sun each year?
A.Four times                                C.Thrice
B.Twicw                                      D.Once
Please be sure that this question for 20.06.2013 till 8.30pm.For more see television to get more updates.
Information before applying kbc school champ registration question.

Only entry  made for this question till 20th june 2013 till 8.30pm.

Please remember only 14 to 16 age of students are required for this registration.

One students will register for every school.

The participant school is to register with central board.


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