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Monday, March 25, 2013

KBC 6 Episode 14th (07 October 2012) Questions

KBC 6 Episode 14th (07 October 2012) Questions

KBC 2012 Episode 14th starts with roll over contestant Nathu Singh Bhagrot who has won Rs. 10,000 and the series of question hits the computer screen and Nathusingh Bhagrot manages to win Rs. 40,000.  Nathusingh Bhagrot wins his minimum guaranteed amount Rs. 1,60,000. On the 7th question Nathusingh Bhagrot takes a lifeline, Audience poll but Nathusingh Bhagrot gets confused so he decides to take another lifeline, Expert advice and succeeds in winning Rs. 3,20,000. 8th question for Rs. 6,40,000 appears on the computer screen but unsure about the answer, Nathusingh Bhagrot takes a lifeline Double Dip and succeeds in winning Rs. 6,40,000. On the 9th question Nathusingh Bhagrot takes a lifeline, Phone a Friend but Himmat singh was unsure about the answer thus, Nathusing Bhagrot takes a huge risk by locking the answer and takes home an amount of Rs. 1,60,000.
Q: What is the traditional occupation of the Kalbelia tribe, known for its kalbelia dance?
A: Shepherds B: Snake Charmers C: Magicians D: Tailors
Ans: B: Snake Charmers
Q: Who was the NDA backed candidate against Hamid Ansari in the 2012 indian vice-presidential elections?
A: Yashwant Sinha B: S Y Quereshi C: Jaswant Singh D: Arun Jaitley
Ans: C: Jaswant Singh
Q: Which of these creatures can look up with one eye while looking down with the other eye at the same time?
A: Bat B: Shark C: Chameleon D: Owl
Ans: C: Chameleon
Q: The ‘Jal Satyagraha’ protest launched in August 2012 is associated with which of these dams?
A: Omkareshwar B: Sardar Sarovar C: Tehru D: Gandhi Sagar
Ans: A: Omkareshwar
Q: Which of these festivals is not celebrated on a full moon?
A: Holika Dahan B: Raksha Bandhan C: Janmashtami D: BuDh Jayanti
A: C: Janmashtami
Q: Under whose captaincy has India won the most number of test Matches until now?
A: M S Dhoni B: Sourav Ganguly C: Md Azharuddin D: Kapil Dec
A: B: Sourav Ganguly
Q: According to the mahabharata , which Pandava got his name from the fact that there was no one more handsome than him in the family?
A: Arjuna B: Bheema C: Sahdeva D: Nakula
A: D: Nakula
Amitabh Bachchan welcomes one of the finest Actresses of the Indian Flim Industry, Sridevi who marks her comeback in the Indian Film Industry after 15 years and also welcomes Gauri Shinde who has directed the film 'English Vinglish'. Amitabh Bachchan welcomes R. Balki who is the producer of the movie 'English Vinglish' and popular Lyricists Kausar Munir too who have come to support Sridevi and Gauri Shinde who will be playing 'Panchkoti Gyankumbh' Kaun Banega Crorepati for the school of Blind and Deaf which is located in Chennai. Sridevi reveals that she has worked almost in 235 or 245 films and also shares a funny incident which took place between her and a Director and also reveals that she had perform 18 songs in 1 month which is still a miracle.

Sridevi and Gauri Shinde set their minimum guaranteed amount on the 6th question. Sridevi shares her experience of working in the Film 'English Vinglish'. Sridevi and Gaur Shinde takes a lifeline, Audience poll on the 4th question and succeeds in winning Rs. 40,000. 5th question appears on the computer screen which was related to one of her most popular film Film 'Chandni' and she wins Rs.80,000 by locking the right answer and also shares a funny incident that took place between her and Director Yash Chopra as he had told her to sing few lines in Yash Chopra Directed movie 'Chandni'. Amitabh Bachchan and Sridevi do a Michael Jackson act as they dances to the hit tunes of their Film 'English Vinglish'.

Sridevi and Gauri Shinde takes a lifeline Phone a Friend on the 6th question and manages to win Rs. 1,60,000. Amitabh Bachchan requests Sridevi to sing 'Hawa Hawai' later, 7th question hits the computer screen and Sridevi and Gauri Shinde takes a lifeline, Expert advice and wins Rs. 3,20,000. On the 8th question they take another lifeline, Double Dip and succeeds in winning Rs. 6,40,000. Amitabh Bachchan concludes the show by expressing his gratitude towards Sridevi and the Director of the 'English Vinglish' film, Gauri Shinde for becoming a part of the show and wishes all the best for her Film 'English Vinglish'.
Q: Which of these is the score of a player with no points in a game of tennis?
A: Kiss B: Hug C: Romance D: Love
Ans: D: Love
Q: Which of the following is a form of a dance as well as a tangy sauce?
A: Samba B: Salsa C: Hip-Hop D: Disco
Ans: B: Salsa
Q:Which of these hill stations literally means “Three Rivers” in Tamil and Malayalam?
A: Munnar B: Madikeri C: Kodaikanal D: Peerumedu
Ans: A: Munnar
Q: Which of these is a kind of sari named after a place in Maharashtra?
A: Jamdani B: Paithani C: Navsari D: Chanderi
Ans: B: Paithani
Q: Which company developed the dreamliner aircraft which has been inducted into Air India in 2012?
A: Airbus B: Dassault C: Bombardier D: Boeing
Ans: D: Boeing
Q: Which of these personalities is credited with the creation of the advertising icon ‘Amul Girl’?
A: Alyque Padamsee B: Sylvester Da Cunha C: Bharat Dabholkar D: Bobby Kooka
Ans: B: Sylvester Da Cunha


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