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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Kbc 7releases date and first question time

Kaun Banega Crorepati is most Popular TV reality show in India. This show has completed its 6 season and is moving now for Seventh season.
For the first 2 season Amitabh Bachhan was the host of the show and it was telecast on Star Plus.
For 3rd Season Star plus deal with Shahrukh khan for hosting.
But when this super hit game show make a deal with sony india for its telecast, it means Amitabh Bachhan returned for hosting this game show again. Since than KBC is being telecast on Sony India and Hosted by Amitabh Bachhan

KBC is a reality game show based on the format of popular UK TV show Who Wants to be a Millionaire.
Basic format of Kaun Banega Crorepati has been taken from Who wants to be a millionaire.

Criteria for Participating in KBC
There are few easy criteria to participate in KBC

  1. Candidate must be 18 years or above to take part in KBC. For special episodes like School special episodes, Children special episodes KBC itself announce its criteria for rules. But overall for a normal participation you must be 18 years or above
  2. You must be resident of India to participate in KBC
That's all, these are only criteria to fulfill to participate in this super hit game show Kaun Banega Crorepati. If you do than please read below for How to participate in KBC 7, Format of the game and Prize Money
related query.

Here you will find all the details regarding How to Participate in KBC 7. (This is not any ad or external link)
KBC 7 Registration date
KBC 7 Phone number
Game Format:
Format of this Reality quiz show is mostly taken from Who Wants To be a Millionaire.
After You are selected for KBC, you will be given a date for shooting.
  1. 10 persons are selected for 3 episodes.
  2.  They have to play fastest finger first. 
  3. 1 contestant is selected for "Hot Seat"
Maximum 13 question will be asked from one contestant and he/she can win Maximum 5 crore prize money.
1st question   5000 rs
2nd question  10000 rs
3rd question  20000 rs
4th question  40000 rs
5th question  80000 rs
6th question  1,60,000 rs
7th question  3,20,000 rs
8th question  6,40,000 rs
9th question  12.50,000 rs
10 question   25,00,000 rs
11th question 50,00,000 rs
12th question 1 crore rs
13th question 5 crore rs
Host will ask you to choose a "padao". you can choose any question number as padao. If you reach your padao then you will get minimum that much amount even if you gave wrong answer of next question. For example if you choose 7th question i.e. 3,20,000 rs as your Padao and if you reach their, and gave wrong answer of any question after that than you will get at least 3,20,000 rs

You will get 4 life line
  1. Phone a friend- You can ask answer to a friend whose number you have provided before.
  2. Audience poll    Audience will give answer of any 1 question, and poll result will be shown to you
  3. Double dip      You can give 2 answer of a question, if one goes wrong you can select othe option
  4. Expert Advice  You can ask answer from the expert appointed by KBC team
Prize money
After finishing your shooting you will get original cheque from Amitabh Bachhan.
You will not receive whole amount, 30 % will be deducted as per IT rule of India. I.e winner who win prize money of more than 10,000 are liable to pay 30 % tax to IT department of India. That is, maximum amount you will get is 3.5 crore (This is huge still ;)

This is all basic information you need to know about KBC. We will be posting all other KBC & information that you need to know. You can also leave your question in comment box, we will answer your question.


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